bespoke jewellery, the journey


Nothing can compare to the magical experience of having an exquisite piece of jewellery custom made especially for you or your loved one. 
The relationship between the Designer and the Client is a unique one and the journey and adventure that could be compared to a love affair!

The outcome will always be directed by the Client, and whether the gemstone is provided by the Client or by ROX, conversations, sketches and precise interpretations will be presented before any work commences

Thanks to their extensive experience in the industry, their love of gemstones and their wide-ranging design aesthetic the ROX designers will enable a shared dream to come true.

Numerous pieces created at ROX never make it to the shop window, because they are created especially for a client through the exclusive bespoke service. So never despair, if what you are looking for cannot be found on our gallery floor, ROX can still create it for you.

Many people have difficulty finding an original piece of jewellery that encompasses their unique taste, style or budget, for this reason ROX have developed a sophisticated process for creating individual jewels to order. See more about the Creative Process here.

An example of a beautiful bespoke ring and the journey of its creation....


Sketches by ROX designer Paulina Arambulo.

This gallery depicts the evolution of the design and the ring itself in different stages of construction. 
The huge 39.78 ct cushion cut Aquamarine was sourced from the ROX gemstone collection, a masterpiece of nature captured forever in a fittingly majestic setting.