Thinking about Proposing? LET rox help make it a perfect match!

  • ROX staff are highly experienced jewellery professionals, with many years of specialised training coupled with extensive knowledge about diamonds, coloured gemstones as well as jewellery design and manufacture.
  • ROX consultants are always on hand to give you practical and educated advice which will give you confidence in your search for the perfect ring.
  • Whether they are designed for a specific client or for the ROX window, our engagement rings are all carefully designed with utmost attention to detail.
  • ROX engagement rings are 100% handmade, meaning they are hand forged using traditional techniques to ensure the metal is work-hardened and ready to withstand wear as much as possible.
  • ROX designers strive to create extraordinary and beautiful and pieces of jewellery that cannot be found or replicated elsewhere. Come in and see our designs and workmanship to understand what makes ROX rings so special.
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