Established 1976


The alluring window display at ROX Gems and Jewellery has been catching the eyes and captivating the hearts of passers-by since the company's establishment in 1976.
Located throughout it’s history on the ground floor of the historical Strand Arcade in Sydney, ROX is an enduring and distinguished contemporary classic jewellery boutique, with an edge of flamboyance and fun.  ROX has become THE go-to destination for exquisite engagement rings and rare coloured gemstone jewellery for the discerning shopper. The ROX staff are warm, friendly and non-intimidating and will always take the time to assist you in all your enquiries.



ROX is, and always has been, owned and directed by charismatic and forward thinking Australian Gemmologist Bruce Kaldor, whose passion for natural gemstones and clever design lead he to open this enticing Aladdin’s cave many years ago .


Throughout the decades  ROX has demonstrated inextinguishable perseverance and passion to create beautiful things.  This longevity is not only a reflection of the timeless quality of the jewellery created within, but  testament  to the joy these be-jewelled keepsakes have have brought to so many.

Not dissimilar to their loyal clientele, ROX  has transformed over the years, indeed it continues to adapt and grow with the times, ever working to achieve absolute refinement in design. Each and every designer, technician  and consultant employed there over the years have bestowed their passion and talents for this magical trade, contributing to what is today recognised as the ROX style.