The story of ROX…

The exquisite jewels at ROX Gems & Jewellery have been catching the eyes and captivating the hearts of visitors to the Strand Arcade since their doors first opened back in September of 1976.

ROX jewels are best described as classic contemporary, and they are either literally one-of-a-kind, or created as part of a very limited collection. This is part of the undying appeal of ROX jewellery; it offers an opportunity to own a truly unique and incomparable jewel that reflects your own individuality and personal style.

Throughout the decades, ROX has demonstrated inextinguishable perseverance and drive to create beautiful things that stand apart from the rest. The creations on offer are colourful, distinctive and created with utmost attention to detail. They often feature unique and rare coloured gemstones, fixed elegantly in highly refined designs. The longevity of this unique boutique is not only a reflection of the timeless quality of the jewellery created within, but testament to the joy these precious keepsakes have brought to so many loyal customers over the years.

Each piece is carefully created with love and respect to the incredible natural gemstones they contain. They are designed in Australia, created in Australia, and support many highly skilled local craftsmen and women. And every talented Designer, Technician, Gemologist and Jeweller employed by ROX over the years have bestowed their talents and love for this unique boutique, contributing to what is today recognised as the ROX style.

Today, ROX is managed by a small and select team of professional jewellery creatives, whose eccentricities and passion for their craft filters through every piece they create and add to their ever-changing repertoire of fine jewels. They use their many years of experience to source and select only the finest quality gems, designing one-of-a-kind pieces around each sparkling gem they choose. In designing, they draw inspiration from Nature, Art, Textiles, and Architecture, as well as borrowing from the bygone eras of Modernism, Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

The staff at ROX are warm and approachable, and highly experienced in every aspect of fine jewellery design and manufacture. They will happily assist you with your jewellery enquiries with refreshing honesty and openness.